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Is your team working or wasting time?

You'll never know without Enigma 365.


Get the solution for Internet security & productivity analytics


Learn how your workforce is using time

Due to the complete reporting system that Enigma provides, you will be able to access comprehensive reports, which will help you understand the way your employees manage their time in front of the computer.


reporting system

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Guide people to increase their productivity

Most people have access to the internet from their workplace. The web is indeed a tool that can help getting the work done, but it is also the number one time waster. With Enigma, you can analyze employees' behavior online, and establish a set of rules to eliminate downtime and raise performance and productivity in your Company.


Monitor ongoing projects

Some projects require teamwork and could last days or weeks to finish. Use Enigma to see who gets overwhelmed, and distribute tasks evenly among the people in the team. Also, if you charge by the hour, you should know exactly how much time your team has spent to accomplish a project, in order to establish a fair price, that will advantage your Company, and also your Client.


monitoring progress

web based

Access your data from anywhere, anytime & fast

Enigma is a cloud solution, so it doesn't require space to keep the data. Every piece of information is stored online and available in seconds. You just have to log in from any device with an internet connection, whether it is a laptop, a tablet or a smartphone.


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