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Internet misuse at work costs businesses worldwide billion dollars.
Therefore, a solution to reduce workplace distractions and improve internet security is a must-have.


It's hard to say which of your employees have problems managing their time at the office, without a way to monitor the work they do daily.

Enigma makes accurate measurements and provides reliable data about which computer applications and web pages are used most often by a person or a group. Just ask for our help to create a free trial account. See where the wasted time is spent and learn how to make your company's productivity bounce.

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You will have access to all the functionalities:

check-mark-enigma-16   Create groups of individuals, devices or applications

check-mark-enigma-16   Classify applications and web pages as productive, unproductive or neutral

check-mark-enigma-16   Block the web pages you consider inappropriate in your office

check-mark-enigma-16   Set administrator accounts and also user accounts

check-mark-enigma-16   See productivity reports & more


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