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What is Enigma and how it works?

Enigma is a software solution that provides a comprehensive perspective on how employees use their computers at work. Every second, the application records which web page or computer application is running on the monitored device, and generates detailed productivity reports.


How Enigma Works flat

Not everyone is productive in the same way

Not everyone is productive in the same way!

Enigma generates reports based on what administrators label as productive, unproductive or neutral. As an example, a group of web pages, including Facebook, Twitter or Google+, can be labeled as productive for the people in the marketing department, but unproductive or neutral for the accounting department.


Security is essential

Leaving aside the wasted time, a company's IT system can be exposed to immeasurable risks if employees access web pages that they shouldn't. Enigma offers the possibility to block certain websites that are considered inappropriate at the office.


Security is essential

Employees can observe & improve by themselves

Employees can observe & improve by themselves

Most managers want employees to visualize their activity charts and see for themselves how they score at productivity. User accounts that allow only to read the information can be created for every person in the company.


Available on any device, from any corner of the world

Enigma is a cloud solution and stores all the information online. It also has an interface that adapts conveniently to any device: desktop, tablet or smartphone. Therefore, any manager who attends a meeting on the other side of the world will know if people at the office are working or having a party.


Available on any device

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